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Missy Ward, Affiliate Summit Co-Founder
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AffPlan Express is your Fast Track to Success with a rock solid Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Follow the 10 Critical Steps and make your own plan for success.

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AffClass is our interactive Affiliate Marketing Training Program, including Live Classes and Webinars.

We focus on proven strategies and best practices.  You will learn Affiliate Marketing with AffClass.

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Learn exactly how to build your Affiliate Sites with WordPress, the leading open source platform.

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“In affiliate marketing, there’s what used to work and there’s what works now, and Todd Farmer’s been around long enough to know the difference. Don’t spend countless hours figuring it out for yourself. If you’re looking to get a head start in affiliate marketing, AffPlan is for you.”
Scott Jangro, co-founder of

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Affplan Express is Your Guide To a Rock Solid Affiliate Marketing Plan.
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You get a Super-Efficient 10-Point Process To Finally Succeed in Affiliate Marketing.


  • Business Plan Templates (Including a TON of Spreadsheets and Templates) – MS Excel & MS Word Format

  • Business Planning Advice (“Incorporate, DBA or Solo – what is best?” and “How do I manage taxes?”) – PDF Guide

  • Choosing a Profitable Niche (one that you’re passionate about!) – Video Training, Guide and Checklists

  • Selecting the Perfect Domain (one that you’ll be proud of)  – Video Training, Guide, and Checklists

  • Researching for Success (Avoid “Analysis Paralysis” and get exactly what you need) – Video Training, Guides and CheatSheets.

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“This is exactly what this industry needs.  Genuine training, and high quality help for new affiliates and experienced affiliates alike!  Todd is the real deal, and I trust his advice.”
Deborah Carney, Team Loxly Affiliate Management
“Few people have been in the affiliate industry as long as Todd Farmer. Not only does he know his stuff but he is one of the nicest guys in the industry and he will always go out of his way to help you. is for real. No hype, no false promises, no secret methods or any of that garbage. Todd will guide you step by step as you build your plan to be a successful affiliate marketer. ”
Joe Sousa, Super Affiliate & Blogger at

I love Affiliate Marketing.

Todd Farmer – AffPlan Founder

Since 1996, I’ve been an entrepreneur, internet marketer, technology manufacturer, agency and executive.

In all my business ventures, and all of my experiences, one thing stands out:  I love helping people succeed in this business.

Outside of my family, there really is nothing more rewarding to me than to hear “Thanks, Todd – you’ve really made a difference in my life.”

Affiliate Marketing isn’t rocket science.  But there are a lot of moving parts, and a lot of options.

Let me help guide you through your comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Plan, and give you the training and resources you need to succeed.

I genuinely love helping.  I love teaching — and I love affiliate marketing!

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“Todd is literally the man with the affiliate marketing plan. I got to know Todd back in the 90s from his early affiliate marketing ventures, and he’s been immersed in the industry ever since.”
Shawn Collins, Affiliate Summit Co-Founder
“If you are an affiliate, trust me, there is no one else you want to learn about affiliate marketing from than Todd Farmer. I met Todd back in 2001 when I myself started in the industry and have seen lots of people come and go ever since. Todd is the real deal. Learn the ropes from one of the best in the industry, start your affiliate marketing career today and avoid many of the newbie mistakes along the way.”
Andy Rodriguez, CEO Andy Rodriguez Consulting
“Todd is a true expert in Affiliate Marketing, and has been in this industry for as long as I can remember.  He is one of the few people I completely trust.  I recommend his consulting, training, books, membership — everything!  He really is genuine, honest, and a great resource.  I can’t recommend him more highly.”
Melissa D. Salas, Director of Marketing, & BuyTV Co-Host
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Stephanie Lichtenstein, CEO MicroMediaMarketing

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Vinny O'Hare, Vincent O'Hare Consulting
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