Members Only Videos
Members Only Videos
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Hey – we’ve made some videos just for members of AffPlan!

Please help spread the word if you like them!  I’d really appreciate it.

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FREE Videos:

AffPlan Training Series

How to Build your First Affiliate Website and Get Started

Topics covered:
The Basics – The Tech Stuff and Basic Affiliate Knowledge you need to get started!

Summary:  These videos are designed to help you get up to speed with creating your websites, driving traffic, converting visitors to commissionable-sales and so much more!

Building my son’s first Affiliate Website:  The Complete Process

Topics covered:
Everything from Concept to completed website and everything in between!

Summary:  Join me on a journey to create my 11 year old son’s very first Affiliate Website.  I hold nothing back, and give you complete back-end access to everything!



Cool People Comment... (3 comments so far)

  1. Todd, what are your thoughts about Jetpack for WordPress? I installed it, but could not install Google analytics for some reason. I think I jacked up my site from the start, do I have to start over in your opinion? My site is

    I need some constructive feedback on my site from either some of your tenured members or yourself if you can.

    I really like the site video you helped develop for your Son… It has a real validity to how it can be done.

    • toddfarmer

      Hey Greg –

      I wish I knew more about Jetpack. (I’ve tested hundreds of wordpress plugins, so it’s hard for me to believe that I haven’t tried this one!).

      For google analytics, I love “google Analyticator.

      I made a video on how I set it up, if it helps:

      And your site rocks. I love the domain, and I love how you’re incorporating buddypress. Very, very cool.

      Thanks for the comments!