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    Video 5:  The Big Reveal

    This is far from being complete – but this video marks a simple milestone in the creation of this site:  Choosing and using a theme.

    In this video, I discuss how I selected the theme, my options — and what the site will look like.

    Ready to start your own site?

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    Cool People Comment... (3 comments so far)

    1. sharon maclean
      7 years ago

      Hey Todd-
      I know what VideoKid is saying about wanting more pizzaz. Think I might have an idea for you…

      Do you know They do all the big games: Dragon Age II; Wrath of Heroes; Star Wars; Warhammer Online…and many others.

      Could you:
      1) given permissions, use some of their images for your site?
      2) offer to review/do an exchange of their videos in exchange for using their graphics?
      3) set up an affiliate program with them and with other game producers so that you can have their
      images for Evan’s site?

      Canadian fan,
      Sharon MacLean

    2. wanda reynolds
      6 years ago

      Hi Todd,
      I really enjoy your video training series but what I was looking more for was how to realy use the plugins you have and how to implement them. If you could focus more on that it would be great. For some people they just can’t figure out how to use them with out step by step training.

    3. darren britt
      6 years ago

      This is helpful as I am getting ready to make a decision on building out a single landing page site into a full website, unless I get some traction with the single page converting sales through PPC.